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Episode #2: Janssen’s Mom Might Listen to This

January 15, 2013

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Talk and Cover Podcast! On this week’s cast, we finally introduce ourselves, we makee positive, yet incorrect predictions about the Seattle Seahawks, browse over the Seattle Sonics / Sacramento Kings rumors, check out some of the products from CES 2013, and review the music album “Visions” by Grimes. We promise we’re getting better at using a microphone. This week we covered “Surf Wax America” from Weezer’s first record, “The Blue Album.” It may be the best or worst thing you’ve ever heard. Thanks for listening!

Click here to download the full episode.

Listen to the cover of “Surf Wax America” here:

Listen to Grimes’ album “Visions” here on Spotify:

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