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Episode #7: Nude and Hot Cocoa (w/ Brennan Carter)

March 21, 2013

Talk and Cover Podcast

Episode #7 has finally arrived! We had the awesome privilege of having local trumpet player phenom, Brennan Carter, hang out with us for some banter and a little bit of music. Brennan gives us some insight on his experiences playing in local groups as well as info about the improvised music community of Seattle including IMPfest. We also got the chance to go off on a tangent and touch on the latest news around Lil Wayne, news reporting responsibility, and our growing love of hip-hop. Sprinkled throughout the cast are a couple of tracks from Brennan’s music project, Friendly Creature. The songs are called “Brain Napper” and “Talking About Trains.” And to wrap it all up, Reed, Janssen, and Brennan take a shot at playing “Nude” from Radiohead’s album, “In Rainbows.” Brennan is an extremely talented musician and we urge you all to check out his websites below about everything he’s working on.

Click here to download the full episode.

Visit Brennan’s websites below:

Listen and buy the infamous Dyno Jamz album here:

Listen to our cover of “Nude” here on SoundCloud:

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